Kowhai Syndicate

New Entrants join Kowhai Syndicate when they start at Adventure School.  They stay with us all the way through to the end of Year 2.

We have wonderful teachers in all seven of our classrooms in Kowhai and we are very ably led by the tireless Mrs Pepperell.


In Kowhai, our over-riding aim is for all children to develop the learning dispositions and tools necessary for success now and in the future.

This is achieved through explicit daily teaching in literacy, mathematics and rich play opportunities. 


Luobien has written a sentence with support from the teacher. He was then encouraged to read it independently to check that it sounds correct.

(click on the picture to watch)

The children are making their own books which they are the authors and illustrators of, they then shared them with the class.


 Lavinia has created a pattern using diamonds and squares during a maths lesson.