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A Day Trip along the Camborne Walkway  

At the end of term one Kowhai visited the Camborne walkway. This trip had two purposes, to celebrate the end of a positive first term together, and to build on the sense of team in the syndicate. We all had a fantastic day and want to say a big thank you to our wonderful parent helpers who transported children and supported them throughout the day.
As we walked we had a quiz to complete in our groups. We had to work together to find the answers.
The Kowhai Team was immensely proud of all our RIPPER students; they were such a pleasure to be with. We especially noticed fabulous respect for each other, the environment and adults, 100% participation and a natural, embedded empathy and support for each other. For some of our younger students, resilience was also needed on the walk back, after a fun-filled day of exercise.