Principal Comment

As the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca observed, "If a man knows not what harbour he seeks, any wind is the right wind." If we don't have an agreed upon goal or focus for our efforts, then as individuals within a group we are left to our own devices, to make our own direction and eventually believe that the path taken is the only right and true one.

Education in the 21st century is a complex proposition.  We are preparing individuals for a future that hasn't yet been imagined.  We are also presented with a multitude of different routes to take to achieve this goal.  We are constantly being reminded by consultants and experts that the directions taken only a few years ago are now unsuitable for the needs of our children.  This can be confusing for teachers, students and parents alike.  But it is something that we as professionals have to navigate if as Seneca observed, we are to find the right harbour.

At Adventure School we strive to create effective thinkers, problem solvers and communicators. We believe that school should be a place where children feel safe, are challenged to succeed and given the opportunity to do so.

We also believe that there is much to be gained by holding on to some of the older traditions in teaching. We have a strong focus on the core curriculum of literacy and numeracy, but also find time to offer full cultural, arts and sporting programmes.  We believe that much of what is learned is done so in partnership with our parents and wider community.  

We also manage to keep at least one eye firmly focused on the present and future.  Over the past year we have done much to improve our ICT infrastructure and we are now integrating more eLearning tools into our daily practice.  Again though, we see these as tools to compliment approaches to teaching and learning that we have seen to work.  Not tools to replace them.

This is an exciting time for the School.  Our sails are unfurled and we have a favourable wind.  I have no doubt we will all enjoy this learning adventure and reach our intended harbour before year's end. 

John Wootton