School Uniforms

Adventure School has a school uniform that is compulsory for all children. It is available to purchase via the school office. The uniform shop will be open from 12pm - 6pm on Monday 4 February prior to school starting for the year and then normal school hours once school starts back.

 The uniform consists of the following:

  • Zip up hoodie - red, unisex
  • Polar fleece top - red, unisex.
  • Polo shirt - red with white, unisex.
  • Polo shirt - black with red, unisex.
  • Skort - black.
  • Shorts - black cargo, unisex.
  • Long trousers - black cargo, unisex.
  • Bucket hat with toggle - black or red, unisex. Compulsory in terms 1 & 4.
  • Beanie - black or red, unisex.
  • Zip up hoodie - black, unisex (Years 7/8 only)

 All items purchased through the school will have the school name and logo on them.

Plain black bottoms may be bought from other school wear suppliers.  There is to be no coloured stitching, patterns, studs, logos or jeans etc. 

Students are to wear suitable footwear for playing and taking part in physical activity.  "Skate " shoes and jandals are not safe footwear for school activities. For Year 7&8 children attending Technicraft feet must be covered. Any style or length of plain black or white socks/tights are permissible.  

Students also have the option to wear a plain black or white polyprop/skivvy under their polo top in winter. Refer to the policy held in the office, if further clarification is required.

It is an expectation that clothing is to be clean, tidy and clearly named.

Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to download the school uniform order form and price list.


Second hand uniforms

You can buy or sell second hand uniforms any time by joining the following Facebook group.



House Colour Tshirts - (Not compulsory)

These are available from the school office - sizing is the same as the school uniform tops. Cost $18.

        Latitude - green,           Longituded - blue,          Mainsail - red,          Crowsnest - yellow.