Members and Meetings


The 2018 PTNi Committee


The current committee members are:

Hayley Johnstone Chairperson
Leigh Robertson Deputy Chairperson
Fiona Albiston Treasurer
Sarah Haran Secretary

 General members are:

Raynor Redman                      Debs Lemmon
Hayley Johnstone Catherine Brander
Treena Cooper Jody Lunn
Ruth Farrell Janice Nicholson
Heidi Meyers Tricia Cox
Mel Watts




We are always keen for new members or for parent helpers with our events. If you would like to join the PTNi please feel free to come along to a meeting, speak with one of the committee members or email us on



PTNi Meetings

We meet once a term in the Staffroom and the meetings are usually over in an hour and a half.

Join our facebook page - Friends of the PTNi Adventure School. This will keep you in touch with our fundraising events and enable you to help when you can.



All Welcome